Disney Puppy Haul

I love Disney, so it is kind of obvious that my pups will have EVERYTHING Disney…

I mean their names are Tarzan and Belle it only seems right… So lets Jump into the puppy Haul!!!


They are from 2BHIP on Amazon, they are 13″ Narrow.


These are made by me…NeverlandMagic on ETSY. They do have a lot more…BUT they are stilled packed.


they really only have two items, but it doesn’t mean its not complete. Ive purchased these at Petco.


Now again I’ve just started their collection so they only have one toy but will change.

These pups are my life. I love them so much and i wouldn’t know what to do without them, which is why i like to spoil them with things especially Disney things. Do you have a do?? What kind?


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