On This Day: Donald Duck

Entering the world on this day June 9, Donald Duck first appeared in The Little Wise Hen in 1934, making him 82. Since than we’ve seen him in the military aircraft, hosted the oscars and has been honored with his very own astroid.


Donald is an American Pekin Duck and his significant other is Daisy Duck. Donald got his first starring role in 1937 Donald Duck which is an 8 minute short that follows his adventures through Mexico.


Donald’s middle name is Fauntleroy which was revealed in the 1942 film Donald Gets Drafted. This duck also has a twin sister known as Thelma, Della or Dumbella which is the mother to his mischievous nephews: Huey, Dewey and Louie.


In 1943 Donald Duck won an oscar for the animated short Der Furher Face which was originally titled Donald Duck in Nutziland which was an anti-Natzi cartoon.


Donald holds an honorary degree from the University of Oregon. Walt Disney authorized Donald to be used as a mascot for the U.S. Coast Guard. His parents are named Quakmore and Hortense Duck and this lovable duck suffers from color blindness…

Happy Birthday Donald Duck!!



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