Disneyland Shanghai

In honor of the opening of Disneyland Shanghai here are some cool things you can expect when the Resort officially opens June 16!


1. The Biggest Castle

Not only is this the tallest and largest of the Disney Castles BUT Enchanted Storybook castle will cater two different rides: Once Upon A Time and Crystal Grotto. Also they will have meet and greets, a boutique and dining areas inside the castle.


2. Mickey Avenue

There are 6 lands to explore in Shanghai some of the lands will be the same as the other resorts, and some are new. The most controversial is Mickey Avenue because instead of entering the park with Main Street USA guests will enter on Mickey Avenue.

3. Cheaper of the Resorts

Disney shanghai has the cheapest entrance fee, the prices will start as low as ¥370 which is about $58


4. New Rides

With a new park comes new and revamped rides such as, Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure, TRON Lightcycle  Power Run, Soarin Over the Horizon, Roaring Rapids and much more.

5.  Second Largest Disney Park

WDW still holds the record for more than 25,000 acres while shanghai Disneyland has 963 acres including nearly 100 acres of parks, gardens and lakes

6. Graves Were Moved

More than 1200 graves had to be relocated in order to make way for the park.


7. A Pirates Life For Me

The park will be the first park to incorporate a pirate themed land called Treasure Cove which will include Pirates of the Caribbean, Explorer Canoes a walk through pirate ship and and a restaurant called Barbosa’s Bounty


8. Chinese Zodiac Garden

The Garden of the Twelve Friends is an 11 acre garden and attractions  which will be located in the center of the park. It will feature tiles representing Disney Characters that corresponds with each of the zodiac animals: The Rat- Remy (Ratatouille), The Ox- Babe The Blue Ox (Short film Paul Bunyan 1958), The Tiger- Tigger (Winnie The Pooh), The Rabbit- Thumper (Bambi), The Dragon- Mushu (Mulan), The Snake- Kaa (The Jungle Book) The Horse- Maximus (Tangled), The Sheep- Jolly Holliday Lambs (Mary Poppins), The Monkey- Abu (Aladdin), The Rooster- Allan-A-Dale (Robin Hood), The Dog- Pluto, The Pig- Hamm (Toy Story Films).


9. Downtown

Like the other resorts Shanghai will have a themed shopping area called Downtown the district will include shopping, dining and the first ever Mandarin production of The Lion King on Broadway.


10. Toy Story Hotel

Yes for Toy Story fans there will be a Toy Story themed hotel they style of this hotel is like the All Star hotels in WDW so it will be a budget friendly hotel.

I am so excited to see all this insane magic for myself and you can bet i will be watching the official opening at work! What are you most excited to experience? I can’t choose there are way to many exciting things i mean riding a boat underneath a Disney castle, eating at a Barbosa themed restaurant it all just blows my mind!


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