I finally made it to DCA to see Frozen!!! At first I wasn’t happy to see Aladdin go…but once I remembered how awesome Disney was and how I knew they wouldn’t let me down I was ok with the change.


So on Saturday I walked in the Hyperion Theater with an open mind and heart and let me just say…Frozen blew my mind!!!


There are so many technical things that happen while the show is going on its insane. I mean I’m not doing any spoilers because it’s definitely worth giving it a chance, but it is truly MAGICAL!!!


It does have some spots where I personally thought could be worked on BUT the show just opened so I know in time it’s just going to keep on getting more and more magical!


The actors, actresses and puppeteers did an amazing job portraying their characters the scenery was beautiful and I felt like I was in Arendelle the moment I stepped inside the theater.


I really suggest seeing it and giving it a chance, walk in with an open mind and heart and don’t compare it to Aladdin because it’s not Aladdin it is its own show and special in its own way. If you have seen it let me know what your thoughts on it.