On This Day: The Lady and the Tramp

June 22, 1955 came the Disney classic Lady and the Tramp, a story of a pampered pup named Lady who meets a streetwise mutt named Tramp.In honor of one of my favorite Disney dog movies here are some fun facts about the movie.


1.To maintain a dogs perspective, Darling and Jim Dears faces are rarely seen.

2. Originally Walt didn’t want to include the “Bella Note” spaghetti scene, which is now one of the most iconic moments in the Disney canon.

3.Barbara was nearly 50 years when she voiced the young Lady.

4.When the film was released it was the highest grossing Disney cartoon since Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs(1937).


5.The Beaver was effectively recycled as the Gopher in Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree(1966), right down to his whistling speech pattern. The voice was originally created by Stan Freberg who had a background in comedy voices.

6.The films setting was partly inspired by Walt Disney’s boyhood hometown of Marceline, Missouri.


7.Verna Felton, who voices Aunt Sarah, is the mother of actor Lee Millar, who provided the voice of Jim Dear.

8.A model of the inside of Jim Dear and Darlings house was built as a guide for staging.

9.Befor animating the fight between Tramp and the rat, animator Wolfgang Reitherman kept rats in a cage next to his desk to study their actions.

10.Hiring Peggy Lee arguably was the first instance of a superstar voice being used for an animation film.


Happy anniversary  Lady and the Tramp!


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