Walt Disney Animation has OFFICIALLY announced the return Ralph and Vanellope in an all new adventure Wreck It Ralph 2 schedule to release March 9, 2018. Instead of causing mayhem in the video game world Ralph will bring craziness into the internet.

CmNksmgWAAEiw9I.jpg-largeRich Moore (Zootopia) will co-direct the movie with Phil Johnston (write, Wreck It Ralph) and Clark Spencer (Zootopia, Bolt) is set to produce the film. John C. Reilly will return as the voice everybody’s favorite wrecker Ralph and of course the film wouldn’t be the same without the voice of Sarah Silverman as Miss Vanellope von Schweetz. So far there is no word for the return of co-stars Jack McBrayer (Felix) and Jane Lynch (Calhoun) will join Reilly and Silverman in returning for the sequel…


I am so excited to see what is craziness Ralph and Vanellope will be getting into when they step inside the crazy world of the internet. I think this is going to be an AMAING sequel and i am looking forward to watching it in 2018.