Did You Know: Finding Dory

Did You know,


1.One shot of Hank alone took 6 months to create (Spoiler: Its the tank scene).


2.Several of the movies crew including the directer visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium to study and get inspired by Dory’s new home. It was also the first and the most visited place for Pixar, and even though the Marine Life Institute is a fictional place its largely inspired Northern California’s Monterey Bay Aquarium.

3.Stanton always knew Dory’s backstory and thought of her as a tragic character.

4.The most impossible parts of the story were Hank and Dory. Hank was there to get Dory moving across one setting, the Marine Life Institute.


5.Stanton wanted a movie that celebrated Dory’s disabilities and challenges as a superhero.

6.The scene where Dory is first placed into the Marine Life Institute took 146 takes,13 months, 18 artists and animators involved to render and complete.


7.Hank only has 7 legs. 50 suckers on each leg making him have a total of 350 suckers.

8.There are 16,091 fish swimming in the open ocean exhibit at the Marine Life Institute.

9.This is the third Pixar film to have a a female as a main character. Inside Out (2015) and Brave (2012) were the other two.

10.Finding Dory is the first Pixar sequel to have a different MPAA rating from its predecessor Finding Nemo (2003) which was rated G, while Finding Dory os rated PG.


My all time favorite fact is Destiny was the one who taught Dory how to speak whale, which i know understand why Dory only understands a little bit because Destiny is a whale-shark. What was your favorite thing about Finding Dory? Let me know in the comments below!


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