The most common pet cartieries use to be the traditional bulky kennels BUT now it’s common to have a stroller or a sling. I see them everywhere, on walks, at the vets, at the stores…everywhere! 

Each one has its pros and its cons ultimately I think it should base on if its the right fit for you and your pups. So some of the things you should consider: 

  • Is it comfortable fo your pup? 
  • Is it comfortable for you? 
  • Can you use the carrier by yourself?
  • Can you see yourself using it? 

Personally the sling is a lot easier for the pups and I. It’s lightweight, comfortable I use it all the time, the pups love being in it and I love that they are right in my reach so I can pet them whenever. The pups and I prefer it over a stroller, but that is just us. 

So my question for you is what one do you and yor pups prefer or use and why? Let me know in comments below!