Frozen Pre-Show Packages

Frozen-Live at the Hyperion just got a little more fun! Disney is now offering 3 different Frozen Pre Show Packages to choose from and i honestly couldn’t be more excited so lets get started! Stage17-20120326-BW

Pre-Show Package:

$49.00 per person

Check in will be at Stage 17 in DCA and 1a half an hour before your show time starts. Unfortunately there are no AP discounts with the packages BUT you can expect some fun pre shows stuff like:

-Priority Seating

-Lanyard and Pin at check in

And since stage 17 will be decked out in Frozen theme you can get some Frozen goodies in there such as shave ice treats and beverages.

Guests will be invited to join in a magic spell to summon Elsa’s ice powers to make it snow, and once the fun is over a Cast Member will take you to your priority seating. Be sure to call and cancel if you are not going to make it 24 hours in advance.


Lunch Package:

$99.00 for adults

$79.00 for children (3-9)

Lunch is at the famous Carthay Circle restaurant in DCA which will include a 3 course meal and the pre show gathering at Stage 17 which again be sure to be there a half an hour before your show time to experience the fun and get your priority seating.

Again if you will not make your reservation be sure to call 24 hours ahead and let them know.


Dinner Package:


This is the most expensive package but it comes with a little more magic!

This package includes priority seating, the pre-show gathering at Stage 17, an amazing 4 course meal at the Carthay Circle restaurant and a guided backstage tour of the Hyperion theater where you can see the costuming for the show and take a picture on the Hyperion stage.

Since this is a lot more expensive than the other two packages be sure to call at least 72 hours prior to cancel because you don’t want to pay $10 extra dollar per person for not calling.

I personally think this is really cool, but i don’t have $300 but i think with a few extra shifts i would be able to do the pre-show package, but its always been on my Disney bucket list to eat at the Carthay Circle so i think this would be a great excuse to do so!  So would you do any of these packages? let me know what you think in the comments below!


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