Breaking News: GOTG Take Over ToT!

The rumor is true,

It has been officially announced the Guardians of the Galaxy will be taking over the Tower of Terror in Disney California Adventure! The beginning of summer 2017 the marvel movie GOTG will be taking over Tower Of Terror  as Guardians of the hGalaxy -Mission: BREAKOUT.


It will be a comically high energy, rocking new adventure. Guests will be deep inside The Collectors fortress which will be displaying his newest acquisitions. The GOTF team will be trapped in a custom display glass which will be suspended over a cast abyss. A rocket has escaped and is enlisting the Collectors VIP guests for help. Guests will board a gantry lift, which will launch them into a chaotic adventure to break fellow Guardians our of captivity.


This new attraction will transform our beloved ToT which is scheduled to close early 2017 and turned into an amazing new adventure with enhanced and all new visual and audio effects.


As much as I am sad to see The Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror go, I am very excited to see the adventures of GOTG. I posted it as a rumor Tot’s retirement, it was a bit controversial  so now that its official what are your feelings?


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