Rumor Has It…Nighttime Parades

I’ve been hearing a rumor or two in the world of Disney talk and chatter, BUT before I get into the rumors let’s get some facts that have been officially announced by Disney…

Disneyland had recently got the nighttime parade Paint the Night! It debut in the park May 22, 2015 as part of the parks 60th anniversary celebration but Disney reverently announced that September 5, 2016 will be the last day to watch the nighttime parade.

This is heartbreaking for many reasons, but one in particular Paint the Night! has only been in Disneyland a year and the last time we had a nighttime parade was in 1997 (Light Magic). The Main Street Electrical Parade which debut in Disneyland July 17, 1972 until Nov. 25, 1996 but has been in WDW Magic Kingdom (June 11 1997-Sept. 14, 1991, May 21. 199- April 1, 2002) June 5 2010 until present.

Rumor has it, the WDW Magic Kingdom cast members had a meeting, where they were told that the electrical parade will be going away in the near future. Now obviously since I’m not a cast member so I don’t know if this is true or not this is just a rumor that I thought was interesting to share. My thoughts on this is since the last time to see Paint The Night! in Disneyland is September 5th maybe the parade will find a new home in WDW and my hopes if Disneyland does lose Paint the Night that they will be welcoming home The Main Street Electrical Parade, because I don’t think I can handle not having a nighttime parade at Disneyland.

What are your thoughts on this rumor and what would you like to see happen to these amazingly magical nighttime parades?


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