Did You Know: Luxo Jr.

Did you know,

The short film Luxo Jr. which came out April 17, 1986. It was a defining moment for the company in so many ways. It was the first Pixar and first CGI film to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short.


Luxo Jr. went on to be a permeant part of Pixar’s logo after the 1995 release of Toy Story. Since the creation of Luxo Jr. and Sr. they have made many cameos in the Pixar films and shorts. For instance, you can see a red version of Luxo Sr. on Andy’s Desk in all three Toy Story films including the 1996 Toy Story Treats short.


Luxo Jr. and WALL-E meet for the first time in a teaser trailer for the film in 2008 when Luxo Jr’s bulb goes out and WALL-E rolls up to replace it.


The Luxo lamp short was based on a real luxe lamp that John Lasseter had sitting on his desk. Although Luxo Sr is male/father he is actually based off of John Lasseter’s mother while Luxo Jr was inspired by Tom Porters son (employee of Pixar) Spencer who was just a baby at the time.



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