On This Day: Disney History

Alice Chops the Suey 2

August 17, 1925 Bard’s Hollywood theater in LA previews The Alice Comedy film Alice Chops the Suey.


In 1954 Disney releases the animated short Willie the Operatic Whale to theaters. Originally released as The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the Met, part of the film Mae Mine Music.

In 1990 Buena Vista releases the Hollywood Picture live action film Taking Care of Business to theaters. The film cost $15 million to make. The Disney Channel airs the Disney Channel Premier film The Little Kidnappers.


In 2001 Disney Channel airs a DCOM Jumping Ship.


2004 Disney releases The Three Musketeers staring Mickey, Donald and Goofy on videocassette and DVD.


2007 Disney released High School Musical 2 on TV which became the single most watch basic cable telecast, with about 17.2 million views.

What is your favorite disney history that happened on this day??? 


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