Disneyland’s Frightfully Fun Parade!

First the Headless Horseman and now a new Halloween parade? I don’t think my little heart can take all this excitement!


The parade will start with a warning from the Headless Horseman himself riding down letting us know that his spooky friends from the other side will be coming shortly.


Halloween is one of my FAVORITE holidays aside from Christmas of course and my ALL TIME FAVORITE ride during this holiday season is The Haunted Mansion because it gets a pretty cheerfully spooky holiday makeover by none other than the pumpkin king himself Jack Skelington BUT the pumpkin king has out done himself this year and will be bringing some frightfully greeting from his friends in Halloweentown.


I know this is AMAZING as it is BUT it gets spookier because Jack has let out some Grim Grinning Ghost to socialize, they will be dancing there way down Main Street USA along with some gravediggers, and of course everybody’s favorite’s Gus, Phineas and Ezra known as the Hitchhiking Ghosts.


Of course it wouldn’t be the same without the villains so our favorite bad guys will be coming out of the darkness ready to stir up some trouble! Now all the spooktacular fun will start September 23 and end October 31, 2016 so be sure to get your tickets for this Frightfully Fun party!



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