Final Days…ToT

As we already know Disneyland’s Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror will be getting a bit of a makeover to Guardians of The Galaxy  so we only have a limited time to step into the Twilight Zone.


Disney has officially announced that ToT’s final ride will be January 2, 2017. To make things more excited Disney said there will be a celebrating ToT final days by treating guests to a ‘late check out’ which means guests will get to experience the ride like they have never before.


With all the celebrating guests can find some commemorative merchandise items as well as food and beverage items through the celebration. Guests can also take a commemorative picture “checking out” with a special photo location in front of the Tower of Terror Hotel marquee, with luggage and the nods to the landmarks story.


Each day during Halloween Time the Hollywood Hotel will host a special performance by the Silver Lake Sisters, Dolly, Dottie and Ethel bounds along with the veterans of the vaudeville circuit know  professionally as Fiddler, Fifer and Practical for as a tribute to the hotel, be sure to stop by the cafe for some extra spooktacular fun!

As sad as i am to see ToT go i am really happy and excited Disney is doing this tribute because it is loved and it will be missed, so i am making sure i step into the Twilight Zone as much as i can before its makeover. Will you be visiting the hotel one more time?


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