I thought it would be fun to get people from different places and their pups involved in a fun book club for dogs.


BOOK: Cesar Millan’s Short Guide to a Happy Dog

I figured this would be a great book to start out on because who doesn’t want a happy pup in their life? For me the happier they are the happier i am. Personally i feel like as a dog owner i can always grow into a better pack leader for my pups.



I feel like 2 chapters a week is a good amount, because we have to spend time at work, school, and of course with our furry little friends! We’ll meet every Wednesday, So be sure to grab the book, a cup of tea and your four legged pal and lets get reading!

To start off the the book club lets introduce yourself, your pup and what kind of breed are they in the comments below! Ill go first, My name is Dezi, i have two pups Tarzan and Belle. Tarzan is a 4 year old Yorkshire Terrier boy, and Belle is my 4 year old Maltipoo little girl. We are very excited to meet all of you and conversations about our furry friends! Talk to you Wednesday 09/07!