Let the races BEGIN!!!


I am so excited for the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend and all the festivities are starting, we have the Expo today, 5k tomorrow, 10k on Saturday and the Half Marathon on Sunday!



Although i am not participating in this run i will be down there cheering on my cousins! I have my baby cousin doing the 200 meter dash, and two out of my three older cousins will be participating in the Dumbo Double Dare for the fourth year in a row while my other cousin will be doing the Half Marathon so this weekend i have a lot of cheering to do!


I LOVE race weekend it is magical! The whole atmosphere of Disney is different and positive and i just love it! Let me know if you are going to be there and what race you are going to be doing because i would LOVE to cheer you guys on as well! Good luck runners!!! Have a great and safe weekend and don’t forget to stay hydrated and have a magical time!!!