Disney Closed The Gates.

Due to hurricane Matthew, Walt Disney World has closed their gates. Sadly this is not the only time WDW has closed their gates. They have previously closed Sept. 15 1999 fro hurricane Floyd, Sept 4 and 5 1999 for hurricane Frances and Sept. 26 2004  for hurricane Jeanne and the park was evacuated for 9/11 in 2001.



With Matthew steadily approaching central Florida and winds up to 145 mph when it hits land its no wonder Disney and other attractions have closed. This is a very serious storm, which is why Disney is keeping a watchful eye and taking precautions.


Disney has already evacuated Fort Wilderness campgrounds, the bungalows at the Polynesian village property, the Treehouse villas at Saratoga Springs Resort which those guests were moved to an alternate location. Not only the Orlando properties closing but the South Carolina Disney property Vero Beach Resort and their Hilton Head Island Resort have closed as well.



Hurricane Matthew is potentially the worst storm Florida has seen in 118 years. I think that Disney and the other theme parks around the area are taking the right precautions. All we can do is have a little faith, trust and send some pixie dust in hopes that everyone and everything is going to be ok.




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