rumors! Rumors!! RUMORS!!!

I have been hearing some mice chatter around the world of Disney BUT three rumors caught my attention.


Rumor has it that the MK Tomorrowland ride Stitch’s Great Escape is rumored to be taken over by a Wreck-It Ralph attraction which could be the explanation of why Stitch has been moved to a seasonal operation. Not only does the rumor say a new ride may be in the mists BUT that Tomorrowland may get a new name in the near future.


Not only does ToT in Disneyland have to worry about a Guardians of the Galaxy take over but its been rumored that EPCOTS Universe of Energy may be taken over the GOTG gang as well. The building is rumored to be gutted to make space for a rollercoaster which will be launching guests backwards instead of forward! Also the last time to ride Universe of Energy will be sometime next year (2017) while the new GOTG attraction will open up sometime in 2020.


Now over in Downtown Disney District in Anaheim you may have noticed how lonely the House Of Blues may seem, it is rumored it will become a Splitsville like the one in Disney Springs in WDW.

What rumor would you most like to see happen and what rumor would you not like to see happen? Let me know in the comments below!



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