That is the question…

The pups and i go on a walk everyday after i get out of work/school, its literally the first thing we do. I get home, open the play room door, put my things away change my shoes and meet them at the door and go!


Lately its been raining, cold and obviously wet, which is why we haven’t walked in three days, which brings me to my question, to walk or not to walk? They do have sweaters and rain jackets, but to be honest i dont want them to get sick. I dont mind if they get dirty, but i mind if they get wet and sick.



Although i took them walking the other night after the rain had stopped i immediately turned the heater on along with their heating blanket. I also gave them a warm bath and heated their food up so they can get warm and not get sick. It may be too much for  some people BUT hey they are my pups who are pretty small, i like to take percaustion especially when it comes to their health.

So to walk? or not to walk? That is the question.

Signing off until the next adventure.