The pups and I go on a road trip every other month to the Happiest Place on Earth. Its about a 6 hour drive from where we live, so its a pretty decent time to be in the car. Ive been asked multiple times how the pups do while we travel and what is my routine, tips and tricks that I do so here it is.


Talk To The Vet:

I like to make sure that the pups are in good health before we leave, meaning all there vaccinations are up to date and getting a copy of their medical record along with a copy of their vaccinations.  This is great to have especially if you are boarding, kenneling or putting your pup in doggy fay care.

My pups go to the Disneyland kennel while I’m in the parks so they need proof of Rabies, Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo, Parainfluenza and Bordetella.


Local Vet:

Before leaving i make sure I have the number and address to a 24/7 vet in my phone along with a normal hour vet info because you just never know whats going to happen. I do this so if there is an emergency, I can just get into the car and drive rather than trying to find the info and in panic mode.


Plan Your Route:

On your  way to your destination you should be considerate to your pups, so plan a route that has a dog parks, or a dog friendly area so you can stop and let them run around and go to the bathroom. Especially on long trips its best to stop every 4 hours for about 15-30 minutes, it’ll help make the trip more enjoyable for you and your pup.

I have a spot where we stop it has a large grass area that we run and go to the bathroom, there is also a gas station right there so it works out perfectly so i can fill the tank up and its all together a win all around.


Weather Report:

This is great to keep into consideration while you are packing for your pup. It lets me know if I should packing the heating pad or the cooling pay or their raincoats and sweaters or just bows and bowties or if i should pack the sunscreen or not. This helps so you dont over pack and a little more prepared.

DoubleTree by Metropolitan is a pet-friendly hotel!

Pet Friendly Accommodations:

Before booking a hotel, its best to call and make sure you know their pet policies such as breed restrictions, rules and possible fees so your not shocked when you get to your destination.

The pups and I stay at the same hotel every time we go, because its a super pet friendly hotel. NO extra charge for my pups, no restrictions which calls for a very worry free vacation.


Puppy sitter:

Its best to know your plans with your pup before you leave for your trip. Whether you are going to leave them with family, friends, board, kennel or dog day care make sure you know their arrangements.

My pups go into the Disneyland Kennel, which is located at the front of the park which is convenient because I go and check on them all the time and as much as I would like and i can take them for walks whenever I want as many times as I would like.


Crate Your Dog:

This is one of the safest way for you to travel with your pup, but it doesn’t mean any crate make sure its a safety certified, crash tested crate. This will also provide a comfortable place thats also safe and familiar place for your pup to sleep in.


Dog Bag:

Packing your pups own bag will make it easier of you to access their things a lot easier. This is what I pack for my pups:

  • Food and Food bowl
  • Water and water bowl
  • Leash and Collar
  • Toys and Travel Kennel
  • Sweater( Protective clothing)
  • Dog safe sunscreen
  • Heating or cooling pad
  • Blankie (That has my scent on it)
  • Comb and rubber bands
  • Poop bags and Pee pads
  • Nutri-Cal (I never leave without it)


Puppy ID:

My pups have an ID tag that I take with us in their bag, its simple standard tag that has their name, my name and phone number. Before leaving on a trip its best to make sure all the info on the ID is all up to date and make sure if its not have a new one made before you go.


Prep Your Pup:

This may sound pretty silly but trust me this makes the car ride twenty times easier. If your pup gets car sick be sure to feed them before you a few hours before you start your journey in the car.

If you pup gets anxious in a car try going for a long walk/run. Thankfully my pups do really well in a car but I like to do a 4 mile hike because its great to get them moving and get the extra energy out before sitting in a car for a long time. This also helps them go to the bathroom before our journey.



Even though we are on vacation I try to stick to our home routine as best as possible this helps my pups to have familiarity so they don’t act up. One thing I do change a bit is our walk, I like to add a walk and add a little more distance to our walk. This helps them get rid of extra excitement and anxiety on the trip.


Keeping A Calm Pup:

A long with a long walk it helps when I bring the pups favorite blankie and toys, because its something familiar and comforting to them. This may sound weird but I like to sleep with their favorite blanket and toy a week prior to our trip so when they are in the kennel with their favorite blanket and toy they can smell me on it.


Entering The Hotel:

This may sound really weird but my pups are not allowed to wonder around the hotel room. This is just like at home, they have set rules, boundaries and limitations. They wait until I initiate the activity. This helps me keep my pups balanced and calm on our trips along with in our home.


This is what I like to do with my pups, I love having my pups with me because they make me happy and for me a more enjoyable vacation. Have you traveled with your pups before? Let me know in the comments below.