My Disneyland Candy Cane Experience! 

Its a Disneyland tradition to make their famous candy canes every holiday season, but if you have never heard about them be sure to check out the  Candy Cane History to read the magic behind them!


Now the tradition only happens on select days and the first day of the candy cane making was Friday Nov. 25 and the second day Saturday, Nov. 26. I had two amazing experiences both days but also completely different as well.

Day 1:

Friday November 25, 2016

Candy canes were for sale at Candy Palace in Disneyland and i got into the park about 8:40am 40 minutes after the park has opened. I immediately saw cast members outside the Candy Palace holding wristbands, there was only one person in front of me, so i didn’t have to wait.

My return time to pick up the candy cane was 10:30am so as I rode some rides and walked around the park until i picked up the candy cane, which someone was checking wristbands and letting the cashier know the amount ( 1 per guest, but there were 3 in my family) and than took our wristbands in exchange for the candy canes.

Day 2:

Saturday November 26, 2016

Over in Disney California Adventure it was Trolley Treats turn to make the candy canes and i decided to get to the parks before park opening. So i arrived at 7:15 and the gate opened at 7:30 and everyone rushed over to Trolley Treats and i was about 10th in line to get a wristband but there was so many people behind me.

The line was still moving really fast and when i got to get my wristband they asked if i wanted it now or pick up later, and i was like now please, then waited in a line to get the get the candy cane itself which took maybe a minute two at the most and after shopping and picking up gifts for my cousin we got out of the park at 7:55 am.

Overall the experience was MAGICAL and both times the candy canes were still warm and it was just an amazing experience. The cast members were crazy and i loved it they were just extra magical and made the experience amazing!

So if you are in the parks any of the days they are making candy canes i suggest getting one and don’t let the price scare you because they are worth every penny! Will you be making a special stop to get a Disneyland Candy Cane? Or have you gotten one already? If so what was your experience like? Let me know in the comments below!



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