Its All About Energy!


Its all about the energy, having a a stable and calm energy you

  1. Relax.

When your pup is misbehaving its not their plan on getting back at you but a way of telling you that something is missing from their life. It could be boredom or pent up energy, Try and stay calm and pay attention on what be missing in your furry friends life.

2. Energy.

Your pups energy is a reflection of your own.If on the walk your pup is refusing to follow you or pulling back home take a look at how you are feeling. You may be angry or insecure. If your pup goes crazy seeing another dogs you may be feeling a bit nervous or tense. So take a breath relax your shoulders and stand tall. You are in control of you and your pups energy.

3. Seizing the Day

Live in the moment will allow you to stay calm, have a stable energy giving you a positive energy. Try and seize the moment and look for the positive. Reliving the past or trying to control what is it the future will give you an unstable energy.

4. Lavender

Lavender is a calming smell, so if you rub some on your hands it’ll help you and your pup will stay calm and relaxed. If you don’t want lavender on your hand they also have necklaces and bracelets that you put the oil in.

A lot of the times when i feel insecure or nervous my little one knows and starts acting up but all i do is take a breathe, relax and stand tall. Once i do that I’m back in control and my little one definitely calms down and relaxes once again. What are some things that you do to stay calm and in control over your pups? Let me know in the comments below.


Disney Did You Know?!?!

Did you know,


Space Mountain in Disneyland Paris is  the fastest out of the five in operation. In order to  propel the Space Mountain cars to go 45 mph in two seconds the ride uses technology like the ones in aircraft carriers to propel the jet fighters. Not only is this the fastest out of the five in operation but it is also the only one that goes upside-down.


Time For The Boot!?

Its important to keep your pups collar/harness clean, so washing it on the regular, exchanging or replacing it, is something that we should be conscious of.


Since a collar/harness is so close to your pups skin on a daily basis you should remember to  wash, rotate or replace it because it’ll reduce your pups chance of an infection or a hot spot on the skin.




How I Wash Their Collar:

I place their collars in a bowl, add a couple of squirts of their dog shampoo (this will prevent skin irritation) and add hot water. After letting the collars soak for 15 minutes I rub the collars together to remove any dirt that may be on their collars. Depending how dirty their collars are i add shampoo directly to their collars and rub it together. Rubbing the collar on itself will help prevent any damage to the material that a brush may cause. Once i feel like they are clean i rinse it under water, pat it with a towel and let it dry over night.


Personally the pups get a new collar every year, I ry my best to wash their collars twice a month because we do go on a ton of walks. Obviously I’m not perfect and i will miss a washing every now and again but I’m only human. So do you wash your pups collar? Let me know in the comments below!


My Top 5 Disneyland Food!

I did do this in the past but times have changed along with my top 5 foods to eat from Disneyland so here is the updated food list!


  1. Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

This delicious snack you can find at Bangled Bbq in Adventureland across the way from Indiana Jones. This honestly was the only reason why i tried asparagus for the first time.


2. Pomme Frites

My weakness i love fries and add garlic into the mix it is HEAVEN! now you can find these garlic fries and cajun dipping sauce over in Cafe Orleans.


3.Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

This is my favorite night time snack, its simple yet satisfying. You can get this yummy grilled cheese at the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe.


4. Mickey Shaped Pretzel and Cheese

This is a classic snack in my book, its my go to thing that is my comfort food and yes it has to be the Mickey shaped pretzel or else its not the same. This one i get over at the Refreshment Corner.


5. Matterhorn Macaroon

Taking things over to the sweet and coconut side this has to be my all time favorite sweet smack to munch on, and your can find your edible macaroon at the Jolly Holiday Cafe.

These are my top five favorite Disneyland food at the moment. Let me know what yours are in the comments below!


Winter Lookbook: Puppy Edition

Here are the pups posing with their favorite jackets from Fabdog.


We live in the city by the bay and lately we have been getting some rain,s o the pups go out in their adorably cute rain jackets to help keep them nice and dry. One of my favorite things about them is they are so easy to carry in my bag or on their leashes because the coats fold into themselves making it super convenient.

Reversible Skull Puffer ($48):

Yes, the price can seem a bit intense but they are worth EVERY penny! They are such great quality and they keep the pups nice and warm while they make a fashion statement. I am so ordering more because that how much I love them.

If you would like to see the pups running and moving in their jackets be sure to check out our youtube video right here:Winter Lookbook 2016: Puppy Edition Be sure to let me know what your favorite jacket is in the comments below!



Blogmas Day 25/25: Christmas Fun

Merry Christmas everyone!

Disney Holidays, holidays, Christmas, Goofy, Goofy's House

One of my favorite neighborhood to celebrate this holiday season is definitely Mickey’s Toontown. It is the most magical places to be and i mean how could it not be?


The gang decorates their house along with with Minnie’s gazebo. Its also a pretty relaxing place especially when you have a nice magical hot cocoa to keep you warm. Where is your favorite holiday spot in Disneyland? Let me know in the comments below!



Blogmas Day 24/25: Winter Tips

If you live in the snow  or you want to visit the snow with your pup here are some winter tips and tricks.


Paw Prep-

Before using the balm make sure your pups paw is ready to go. Be sure to trim all the hair   in-between the paw pads now you can use scissors or a beard trimmer with the smallest clip guard, plus trimming the hair that would normally touch the ground will help prevent ice balls from forming. Also keep those nails short this is very helpful because it again helps prevent un necessary ice balls.

Once you have prepped the paw now is a great time to put the balm on your pups paw pads. The balm will keep the paw pads from drying out, cracking and further injuries. If you can’t find Bag Balm then Vaseline is a great alternative. There are also so many DIY paw balm incase you want to make your own and pick your ingredients.


Puppy Boots

This is another great option, this provides protection to the paw it’ll help them stay dry and safe from salt and de-icers. Depending on what one you want to buy your pups it can also give them traction.


Salt and de-icers

These can be very toxic for our fur babies do try and keep those lil guys away from the roads and sidewalks that have been treated. A great precaution is making sure your pup doesn’t drink from puddles or eat any slush incase it has chemicals from the de-icers. Now there are pet friendly de-icers available for pet owner to use so keep an eye out for them when you go out shopping.

After that walk be sure to wash those paws with warm water to help prevent them from ingesting any salt and chemicals.


Bundle Up

Winter coats are not just for you, but can be for your fur baby as well because they are susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia. So as you bundle up make sure those fur babies are bundled as well and keep an eye out for how long you’ve been out as a precaution to you and your pup.

I hope the tips help you especially if its going to be your first time to the snow! Trust me when my pups when to the snow for the first time I over packed for them…i completely overpacked. I had two heating pads, four coats, two boots for double the protection, hand warmers to stick in-between there two coats. It was intense..but i mean they had fun and they stayed warm. Have your pups been to snow? Let me know in the comments below.


Blogmas Day 23/25: Dreams Come True

Two more days until Santa is on his sleigh and withe the classic Main Street Electrical Parade coming home to Disneyland park Jan 20, 2017. To make things even more magical and excitement the return of the amazing fireworks spectacular “Remember…Dreams Come True” will be returning


The show was presented in 2005 for Disneyland’s 50th anniversary celebration, the firework spectacular has special effects, features Tinker Bell flying over the castle, breathtaking special effects, favorite Disney songs and it also includes some of the parks popular attractions from the past and present.


Remember…Dreams Come True will take over regularly weekend performances on Feb. 3! So if you are like me get your Disney bag packed and ready to go to watch the first performance of its return. Are you excited to see this firework spectacular? Let me know in the comments below!


Blogmas Day 22/25: Holiday Pawty!

Only three more days until Sandy Paws is coming to town, which means Holiday Parties are three days closer! If you are like me than you will be hosting the annual Family, friends and puppy party.

Now like any party especially in my house it becomes very loud and pretty crazy especially when the games start going, there are things flying everywhere and people shouting and jumping its crazy so here are some tips and tricks on how i keep the pups safe, calm and relaxed.

  1. Safety Spot

I have a spot in my room that is called a Safety Spot this is a spot where the pups know they can go to get away from the hustle and bustle from the party life. When they enter this place everyone knows not to bug them. Its a play pen that has access to my bed, they have a bed toys, pee pad and water bowl. This is a place that gives them sense of security

2.  Levender

Lavender is a calming, relaxing scent so i always make sure to put some lavender oil in my humidifier to keep my room smelling like lavender to keep them calm and relaxed through the crazy party.


3. Walk

Taking the pups for a nice long walk helps keep all the unwanted energy away, meaning you will get a calmer and more relaxed pup when the party comes. I know it seems impossible but i promise you this is the GREATEST thing you can do for your pup when there normal routine is going to get disrupted.



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