Blogmas Day 2/25: Puppy Sleepover

What better way to spend the holidays than at home with you fur baby? Uh with a fur baby best friends sleep over! Imagine all the cuddles you’ll get while watching your favorite Christmas movie!


Some things you’ll need is your puppies, a big soft blanket, some friends furry and not, and of course your a few of your favorite Christmas movies! Now to make it it a little more special and magical you can personalize a box or a stocking for the pups and their owners. There are endless possibilities that you can fill the box or stocking with so here are some things I filled for this holiday season snuggles!


This year i used a box and make it personal, I put the first initial of the my friend and their pups name on the box to keep make it more personalized. Depending on the friend and the pup is what i out in the  box, but here are some necessities of mine to keep it simple but magical.

  • Christmas Toy (made or bought)
  • Christmas Pupy Treats
  • Hand made puppy scarf
  • Hot Cocoa mix or Tea
  • Christmas Muddy Buddy Mix (red and green sprinkles)

Its simple and very inexpensive but it works and its a big hit every year. Each year theres a special surprise in the box. So what will you put in you puppy box?


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