Blogmas Day 22/25: Holiday Pawty!

Only three more days until Sandy Paws is coming to town, which means Holiday Parties are three days closer! If you are like me than you will be hosting the annual Family, friends and puppy party.

Now like any party especially in my house it becomes very loud and pretty crazy especially when the games start going, there are things flying everywhere and people shouting and jumping its crazy so here are some tips and tricks on how i keep the pups safe, calm and relaxed.

  1. Safety Spot

I have a spot in my room that is called a Safety Spot this is a spot where the pups know they can go to get away from the hustle and bustle from the party life. When they enter this place everyone knows not to bug them. Its a play pen that has access to my bed, they have a bed toys, pee pad and water bowl. This is a place that gives them sense of security

2.  Levender

Lavender is a calming, relaxing scent so i always make sure to put some lavender oil in my humidifier to keep my room smelling like lavender to keep them calm and relaxed through the crazy party.


3. Walk

Taking the pups for a nice long walk helps keep all the unwanted energy away, meaning you will get a calmer and more relaxed pup when the party comes. I know it seems impossible but i promise you this is the GREATEST thing you can do for your pup when there normal routine is going to get disrupted.



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