Blogmas Day 24/25: Winter Tips

If you live in the snow  or you want to visit the snow with your pup here are some winter tips and tricks.


Paw Prep-

Before using the balm make sure your pups paw is ready to go. Be sure to trim all the hair   in-between the paw pads now you can use scissors or a beard trimmer with the smallest clip guard, plus trimming the hair that would normally touch the ground will help prevent ice balls from forming. Also keep those nails short this is very helpful because it again helps prevent un necessary ice balls.

Once you have prepped the paw now is a great time to put the balm on your pups paw pads. The balm will keep the paw pads from drying out, cracking and further injuries. If you can’t find Bag Balm then Vaseline is a great alternative. There are also so many DIY paw balm incase you want to make your own and pick your ingredients.


Puppy Boots

This is another great option, this provides protection to the paw it’ll help them stay dry and safe from salt and de-icers. Depending on what one you want to buy your pups it can also give them traction.


Salt and de-icers

These can be very toxic for our fur babies do try and keep those lil guys away from the roads and sidewalks that have been treated. A great precaution is making sure your pup doesn’t drink from puddles or eat any slush incase it has chemicals from the de-icers. Now there are pet friendly de-icers available for pet owner to use so keep an eye out for them when you go out shopping.

After that walk be sure to wash those paws with warm water to help prevent them from ingesting any salt and chemicals.


Bundle Up

Winter coats are not just for you, but can be for your fur baby as well because they are susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia. So as you bundle up make sure those fur babies are bundled as well and keep an eye out for how long you’ve been out as a precaution to you and your pup.

I hope the tips help you especially if its going to be your first time to the snow! Trust me when my pups when to the snow for the first time I over packed for them…i completely overpacked. I had two heating pads, four coats, two boots for double the protection, hand warmers to stick in-between there two coats. It was intense..but i mean they had fun and they stayed warm. Have your pups been to snow? Let me know in the comments below.


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