My Top 5 Disneyland Food!

I did do this in the past but times have changed along with my top 5 foods to eat from Disneyland so here is the updated food list!


  1. Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

This delicious snack you can find at Bangled Bbq in Adventureland across the way from Indiana Jones. This honestly was the only reason why i tried asparagus for the first time.


2. Pomme Frites

My weakness i love fries and add garlic into the mix it is HEAVEN! now you can find these garlic fries and cajun dipping sauce over in Cafe Orleans.


3.Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

This is my favorite night time snack, its simple yet satisfying. You can get this yummy grilled cheese at the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe.


4. Mickey Shaped Pretzel and Cheese

This is a classic snack in my book, its my go to thing that is my comfort food and yes it has to be the Mickey shaped pretzel or else its not the same. This one i get over at the Refreshment Corner.


5. Matterhorn Macaroon

Taking things over to the sweet and coconut side this has to be my all time favorite sweet smack to munch on, and your can find your edible macaroon at the Jolly Holiday Cafe.

These are my top five favorite Disneyland food at the moment. Let me know what yours are in the comments below!


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