Its important to keep your pups collar/harness clean, so washing it on the regular, exchanging or replacing it, is something that we should be conscious of.


Since a collar/harness is so close to your pups skin on a daily basis you should remember to  wash, rotate or replace it because it’ll reduce your pups chance of an infection or a hot spot on the skin.




How I Wash Their Collar:

I place their collars in a bowl, add a couple of squirts of their dog shampoo (this will prevent skin irritation) and add hot water. After letting the collars soak for 15 minutes I rub the collars together to remove any dirt that may be on their collars. Depending how dirty their collars are i add shampoo directly to their collars and rub it together. Rubbing the collar on itself will help prevent any damage to the material that a brush may cause. Once i feel like they are clean i rinse it under water, pat it with a towel and let it dry over night.


Personally the pups get a new collar every year, I ry my best to wash their collars twice a month because we do go on a ton of walks. Obviously I’m not perfect and i will miss a washing every now and again but I’m only human. So do you wash your pups collar? Let me know in the comments below!