Its All About Energy!


Its all about the energy, having a a stable and calm energy you

  1. Relax.

When your pup is misbehaving its not their plan on getting back at you but a way of telling you that something is missing from their life. It could be boredom or pent up energy, Try and stay calm and pay attention on what be missing in your furry friends life.

2. Energy.

Your pups energy is a reflection of your own.If on the walk your pup is refusing to follow you or pulling back home take a look at how you are feeling. You may be angry or insecure. If your pup goes crazy seeing another dogs you may be feeling a bit nervous or tense. So take a breath relax your shoulders and stand tall. You are in control of you and your pups energy.

3. Seizing the Day

Live in the moment will allow you to stay calm, have a stable energy giving you a positive energy. Try and seize the moment and look for the positive. Reliving the past or trying to control what is it the future will give you an unstable energy.

4. Lavender

Lavender is a calming smell, so if you rub some on your hands it’ll help you and your pup will stay calm and relaxed. If you don’t want lavender on your hand they also have necklaces and bracelets that you put the oil in.

A lot of the times when i feel insecure or nervous my little one knows and starts acting up but all i do is take a breathe, relax and stand tall. Once i do that I’m back in control and my little one definitely calms down and relaxes once again. What are some things that you do to stay calm and in control over your pups? Let me know in the comments below.


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