A Pineapple Solution!

My boy Tarzan is such a boy…he does really gross things such as eats poop. No not his own, his sisters poop.


I had no clue what to do, but with a little bit of help from google i found a great solution that works perfectly for me, pineapple. Weird, i know but it works! I feed Tarzan and his sister Belle pineapple a little bit of pineapple everyday twice a day. Its not a big piece, i got a pre cut pineapple and cut those pieces into four pieces.


Now, you can also turn them into a pup scream by using pineapple juice and freezing it. I like this solution on hot days to help cool the pups off. There are a couple of different ways you can prepare for your furry friend.So if you got a poop eater try a bit of pineapple, it might just freshen up your pups breathe and keep them from eating their poop!


New Character Themed Rooms?!


Tokyo  Disney resort has a little bit of mischief running around their Disney Ambassador Hotel. Starting Feb 6, 2017 guests visiting the hotel can catch some mischievous characters around some of the hotel rooms.

The rooms will offer the chance to step into the story of the beloved trouble makers Chip n Dale and of course Stitch. From the carpet to the wallpaper, to the couch cushions with a hint of a few playful touches that touch the heart of guests.

Honestly i can’t wait to go and stay in one of the troublemaker rooms, I would love to get a Stitch room!


Meal Prep: Puppy Food

Today was the scariest day of my life…to make a long story short, my little pup Belle didn’t eat and so i took her to the vet because not only did she not eat but she was acting really strange so i did what i had to do. Our vet took some blood samples to check for two breed related diseases thankfully neither of them are life threatening. I did find out however that she is allergic to chicken…and the food i give my pups (Eukanuba) uses chicken by-product.

So after talking to my vet they suggested that i make home made food for her, which brings me to the topic Meal Prep: Puppy Food. Since it was short notice i asked them about a couple of different foods and ran to the store to pick up some ingredients to prep a meal for two meals a day for 8 days for two pups.

What i used:

  • Lean ground turkey (16oz)
  • white rice (1 cup)
  • carrots (1 bag)
  • Sweet potato (3)
  • Cottage cheese
  • 4oz ziplock containers (16)

All this food filled all 16 (4oz) containers with turkey, white rice, carrots and sweet potato . I have put 4 containers in the fridge and 12 of them in the freezer. Prepping them means splitting it into two portions for the pups and warming it up and adding a little bit of cottage cheese and bayum! my first ever home cooked puppy mean.

Do you prep your pups food? Let me know in the comments below! I am trying to figure out a great name for this first meal so if you have any suggestions please feel free to leave those in the comments below!


Lunar New Year!

Holidays in the park are the best, and currently DCA is celebrating Lunar New Year which means there is a new WOC, new shows, new decorations and of course new foods to eat!

There are three booths to eat at and Paradise Garden Grill is offering some amazingly delicious and authentic food inspired by three asian countries.


  • Kimchi Bokkeumbap-Kimchi vegetable fried rice
  • Yachae Mandu-Steamed vegetable dumpling with sesame-garlic soy sauce
  • Yasik-Sweet rice and dried fruit cake
  • Banana Milk (non alcoholic)
  • Black Beer Stout
  • Hate Pale Lager


  • Xiao long Bao- Park soup dumplings with black vinegar and ginger
  • Passion Fruit Green Iced Tea with Lychee Popping Pearls (non alcoholic)
  • Tsingtao Lager


  • Banh Chung- Sticky rice cake with pork
  • Chao Tom Voi Nuoc Cham CHia Ngot- Sugar cane shrimp skewer and sour sauce
  • Purple Sweet Potato Macaron
  • Ca Phe Da- Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Paradise Garden Grill:

  • Japchae- Stir-Fried vegetables and noodles with tofu
  • Galbi- Grilled beef short ribs with steamed rice and kimichi
  • Cach Chien Ca Gion Ngon- Whole crispy tilapia with chili lime vinaigrette and streamed rice
  • Pho- Beef noodle soup
  • Mango Pudding
  • Banh Khoai Mi Nuong- Cassava-cocnut cake
  • Almond milk tea with fruit jellies (non-alcoholic)
  • Mac beer Lager

My favorite thing to get when the festival of the holiday was the mint milk tea, so when i saw they had the milk tea with jellies i flipped out with excitement. Personally i am not a fan of the fruit jellies but the almond milk tea is heaven in my mouth…so good. What were some of your guys favorite food or drinks you tried from these countries? Let me know in the comments below!


Perfect Paws: Affenspincher

An Affenspincher is one of the most ancient of the toy dogs. They are ranked 141st most popular dog breed according to the AKC. They are medium energy, confident and fearless wifey-haired terrier who make a good house pet.


The breed originated in Germany, the name Affenspincher means “monkey-like terrier.” They were developed to rig the kitchens, granaries and stables of rodents. In France the breed is described as  the “Diablotin Moustachu” or mustached little devil, both names describing the appearance and attitude of the breed.


Their bite is slightly undershot and they are short and straight. The tail can be docked or left as natural. The mature Affenspincher has a mane or cape of strong hair which blends into the back coat and a little grooming is necessary to blend the various lengths to maintain a neat shaggy appearance.

So is this the perfect set of paws for you? Let me know in the comments below.


Disneyland Closes Early!?

Your eyes do not deceive you, Disneyland has actually closed early Sunday Jan. 22, 2017. A very rare event that Disney ever experiences.

Disneyland Today tweeted, that due to the weather Disneyland and DCA will close early. Disneyland at 8pm and DCA at 7pm. This insane but understandable, there was a lot of rain yesterday.

My favorite time to be in the park are definitely rainy days. It’s so pretty and calm and feels extra magical! Do you like rainy days in the park? Let me know in the comments below!


Its Home!

Words cannot describe the amount of excitement i have at this very moment. The anticipation started with a rumor, it intensified with the commercial and EXPLODED when i saw “Its Home.”

Tonight is the After Hour Premier of Disneyland’s Main Street Electrical Parade! All the emotions and memories of watching it as a kid is coming back to me and the best part is i get to make new memories of this parade with my little cousins from a pirates(grown ups) point of view.

Not only can we celebrate MSEP’s return but we can celebrate its return in style with all the new merchandise that is being released and our taste buds can join in on all the fun with the MSEP inspired treats! Also if you are an AP holder Disney has brought back the $1 popcorn refills with a special Main Street Electrical parade design!

My excitement meter has literally been destroyed and i can no longer contain my excitement for the return of the Main Street Electrical Parade.I can’t wait to wear the new merchandise, try some yummy treats, fill my MSEP popcorn bucket as i sit anxiously for the lights to dim while the electro-synths-magnetic musical sound and thousands of sparkling lights take over Main Street USA. The last day to watch MSEP is June 18..45 years after it first lit up Main Street USA in 1972 so be sure to check it out trust me you don’t want to miss it!

Before i get even more emotional there is only one thing left to say…Welcome home!


Kennel or Not To Kennel?!?

That is the question…

Personally love having my pups sleep in bed with me..I find it very comforting. Here are some pros for having your pup sleep in bed with you: (con- you can’t make your bed)

  • They help fight depression
  • They make you feel safe
  • They provide heat
  • Snuggling with them relieves stress and anxiety
  • They provide you with comfort

But a kennel has its benefits as well…here are some pro reasons why kenneling is also good for your pup:

  • Provides and safe spot for your pup
  • Can help with house training
  • It can help create boundaries
  • Keeps your pup safe when you are unable to watch them
  • Can help prevent problematic behaviors from starting

Now there are so many pros and cons to both which is why I have a kennel. I like the structure of them being kennel trained because it provides many benefits for both my pups and I.

Although my pups don’t sleep in a kennel they wouldn’t mind being in one because they are used to it and they do get kenneled from time to time so its nothing abnormal for them. Do you kennel or not kennel? Let me know in the comments below!


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