2016 was a year of adventure for my family and I.

My mom and i had the opportunity to go to Paris. Now while we were there we were able to run the Inaugural runDisney Paris half marathon we also traveled to London which was breathe taking and amazing. That trip is definitely my most rememberable thing about that year.

My parents and i were lucky enough to see The Lion King at the Orpheum theater in San Francisco. That was so magical and i wish i could have seen it again and again, it was just wow!

With all the glitz and the glam of spending a lot of money, i was able to get a big girl job that pays me really well and i hope to be staying there for a really long time. Its an amazing  opportunity and i absolutely love what i do and i am very very thankful for the job opportunity.

My family is healthy and my pups are amazing as ever, and i am looking forward to the adventures are ahead in 2017.