Beds are amazing for our fur babies to snuggle and keep them comfy when they aren’t on our laps, but did you ever stop to think about how much dirt and nastiness get on your pups bed? Well here are some tips to help keep that pups clean without damaging their bed.

  1. Vacuum/Lint roller the bed regularly its help remove dirt and hair.
  2. Choose a bed with removable fabric for an easier clean.
  3. wash in cold water using a mild fragrant free  no dyes detergent adding a a cup of baking soda to help neutralize orders.
  4. Dry for about 20 minutes using a pet safe dryer sheet which will help remove more hair.

I wash my pups beds once every month but try and do a vacuum and lint roll the pups bed every other day to every two days depending on where we walked that day. Do you clean the pups bed? If so how many times? Let me know int he comments below.