Kennel or Not To Kennel?!?

That is the question…

Personally love having my pups sleep in bed with me..I find it very comforting. Here are some pros for having your pup sleep in bed with you: (con- you can’t make your bed)

  • They help fight depression
  • They make you feel safe
  • They provide heat
  • Snuggling with them relieves stress and anxiety
  • They provide you with comfort

But a kennel has its benefits as well…here are some pro reasons why kenneling is also good for your pup:

  • Provides and safe spot for your pup
  • Can help with house training
  • It can help create boundaries
  • Keeps your pup safe when you are unable to watch them
  • Can help prevent problematic behaviors from starting

Now there are so many pros and cons to both which is why I have a kennel. I like the structure of them being kennel trained because it provides many benefits for both my pups and I.

Although my pups don’t sleep in a kennel they wouldn’t mind being in one because they are used to it and they do get kenneled from time to time so its nothing abnormal for them. Do you kennel or not kennel? Let me know in the comments below!


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