Puppy Etiquette: My Expectations


I am all about puppy etiquette when it comes to my pups, i expect them to be on their best behaviors and their main focus should be on me. No matter the situation, no matter who’s around, or whats going on i should be their main focus. Now please no judgement we all train our pups differently so be open even if you don’t agree or think its right everyone is entitled to their own training!

Work Setting:

When the pups go to work with me they know how they should act. They ignore everything else around them and stay in their beds or follow my lead. They know when i get up they stay right by my side and ignore whatever may be on the floor or whoever may be passing us. When i stop they sit and when i sit they go to their beds.


Store Setting(Dog Friendly):

A store can be a challenge, you have people trying to call your pups, give them treats, dogs coming up to them, just a lot of distractions while your trying to get what you need. So I’ve trained my pups to ignore the surroundings and focus on what i want them to do, so people can be calling them, trying to give them treats without asking permission first and i can trust that my pups won’t listen or take the treat without me releasing them to do so, which in the end can have so many benefits.


House Settings:

No matter who’s house we are at there will always be rules, boundaries and limitations. No jumping, barking, roaming around or getting in someones business. The pups know when we visit someones place, they need to sit on my lap, lay in their bed and stay calm while we are there.


Whether on a leash or off the leash the pups stay close by my side and just like a store with people calling them, other pups around barking or lunging at them they know I’m there main focus and ignore unless i say other wise.

Now it may seem mean or snobby, but in my eyes its a way to keep my pups safe because i don’t personally know you or your pups. I also don’t let my pups go up to anyone or their pups because i think its rude of them, because they were not invited to do so. I know in whatever situation that may occur i can trust that my pups will follow my lead.

So although what i might have said may seem like the pups and i don’t want to interact and make new friends, its actually quite the opposite..we love meeting new friends with paws or thumbs! We are just cautious but we really want to meet you and become paw pals!

Do you have certain expectations and etiquette for your pups? Why? Or Why not? let me know in the comments below I’m very intrigued. Again no judgment please. Thanks.


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