Are Fleas Immune?

Fleas terrify me, I don’t like to think of them…they are so disgusting little creatures which is why i use FrontlinePlus on the pups every month but because of some talk going around which has made me switch over to NexGuard and this is why.


The talk around the vets is that the Topical flea and tick preventatives are not working as well as they use to…its like the fleas are becoming immune to it so to say. This terrifies me because for about 6/7 generations of puppies in my family have use Frontline with no problem what so ever, but i guess the times are changing along with the fleas…


Now long story short of why I am making the change from Frontline to NexGuard because my little cousins dog has fleas…she comes over pretty much every day and brings her pup with her and because I am terrified that my pups will get fleas (which i found 2 on them already) i freaked out and bought flea sprays for in the house, bedding, clothes, outside the house, they make it i got it because i can’t stand fleas.

6fa55d84f1bc4a3ef31cb3ae8578a4d5.jpgNexGuard is a pill that my pups will take which will help kill fleas in an instant and trust me when i say i will have pups on it every month just like the frontline and my cousins pup will be getting the frontline that I’ve already bought in hopes that this talk is just talk…Every day since the pups first came home with me i give them a “massage” where i pet them and look over there skin for any abnormality and or marks and in this case fleas…thankfully something i am doing is working because i have not found anymore on them nor have i gotten bit, but until my cousins dog is taken care of I’m going to be a complete crazy person and search for those little boogers.


So immune or not immune? What flea preventative do you use on your pups and why? Let me know in the comments below!


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