Pup Massage: Beneath the hair

One of the things my pups look forward too are their pup massages. Yes, i do have pampered pooches but this also has some benefits outside being a luxury. Its a great for their muscles and to help relax them but its a great way for me to see whats going on beneath the hair.

Some of the things i look for during the massages are lumps, cuts, discoloration, pretty much anything out of the ordinary. I try and give them a massage twice a day once in the morning and once before we go to bed but its normally just once a day.

What i like to do is have my littles lay on their bellies and ill massage their back, neck, legs, head and ears…after a while ill have them roll over to their backs and do the same thing with their tummies, armpits, legs, chin, face, paws and necks. I make sure there is no discomfort or abnormality (or bugs) and then they are free to go and get a treat but typically they stay asleep even after I’m done.

I know this may sound weird but its a great way for me to keep on top of my pups health without going to the vet everyday…Do you pamper your pooches with a massage? Let me known the comments below!


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