How I House Trained My Pups!

This is a question that comes up a lot “How do you house train your puppy?” So lets talk about this, since each pup is different, there are many different training possibilities for that specific pup which i would love to hear everyones take on how they house trained your pup.

I went for the limited space and routine method i guess you can say? The first thing I did was block off a tiny space just enough room for a pee pad, water bowl and a spot that I can sit. This gave me time to take notes on what they did before they go to the bathroom, how long it took them to digest the food and water and of course gave me a great opportunity to really reward them for going on the paper. For their food I made sure that i fed them at the same times everyday so they can get into a routine as soon as possible.

Eventually I would make their play pen a bit bigger and bigger with every week of success until they got full roam of the house. Now i was lucky enough to have amazing littles ones that I never had to reduce their space, they picked up on this training really fast by the end of the week they had full access to the house and still 5 years late have had no accidents what so ever.

Knowing their little quirks before they actually go to the bathroom I think helped the most because when I would see it I would place them to the paper and they would do their business. When the pups and I moved into an apartment they started liking the whole idea of going outside whenever they needed to go, and they would sit by the door and wait for me to open it up so they can go do their, thankfully this became a great routine for all of us and they still would use the pee pad when i go to school or work, which is great!

So how did you house train your pups? I would really like to know because like I said before not all pups are the same so they all learn differently.


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