Aladdin’s Oasis: MSEP Dining Experience!

Happy Birthday mom!

So today i decided that i was going to make a special birthday reservation for my mom at Aladdin’s Oasis meaning we will have reserved seating for The Main Street Electrical Parade. At Aladdin’s Oasis you can pick up your food and go or you can stay and eat at one of their tables. This is definitely a better option for the both of us because if she decides she doesn’t want to sit at Aladdin’s Oasis we can walk around the park and find a spot she wants to eat at because it is her birthday trip and she can do whatever she wants and i will happily buy and tag a long.

This is the second time reserving seats, so i am pretty excited. The first time i reserved seats was for my parents, and baby cousin for Frozen!  A Musical Spectacular and i had a blast. So i am really looking forward to re-living my childhood memories with my mom watching MSEP, and i know i am going to need tissues because this is our all time favorite Disney show. Plus i already know we will be decking out in MSEP gear and trinkets because  its the greatest and will definitely be missed.

Have you ever don reserved dining that included reserved seating for a show? Let me know in the comments below!


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