Disney Disney Disney!

So lately i have been talking about the all the park updates which is honestly my favorite thing to do, but i really do believe you can never have to much Disney in your life. To be honest majority of the things i own is Disney, and i can talk about it all day so lets get some Disney talk on  because i feel a little backed up with Disney.

Just a warning it might be a little sporadic because there are so many topics i want to get to without making this a super LONG post, so bare with me as i verbally Disney vomit!

My mother daughter trip is coming up on Friday and i am so excited to get back in the parks and just embrace all the Disney magic, fun and excitement. The anticipation of getting to the parks kills me because i would love to live there!

Since i planned the trip Disney has taken over my life just a little bit more, i have been listening to podcasts, watching vlogs, reading blog posts and really taking in the Disney lifestyle at work and well during school even more oxo then i normally do. Its come to the point where i am already mentally purchasing food and merchandise…  If i am honest i don’t see this as a bad thing which probably means i have a problem BUT at least its a magical problem…just not for my bank account.

What are some things you do before going to a Disney Park? Let me know in the comments below!



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