Me oh May!

May has always been my favorite month because well its my birthday month but now its gotten a little bit more magical for me because not one BUT two major openings are happening!

Tower of Terror now known as Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Break is set to open May 27, 2017. Pandora: The World of Avatar over in WDW is set to open on this date as well.

May 12, 2017 is the start of the new firework show in the Magic Kingdom called Happily Ever After starring some of out favorite Disney characters and songs.

This is definitely going to be a great month for celebrating, new rides, shows and sights to see. Everything about this month is definitely the time to visit the parks…now the one final thing…what park to visit on during this month? What are you most excited about? GOTG or Pandora? Let me know in the comments below!



Pup Massage: Beneath the hair

One of the things my pups look forward too are their pup massages. Yes, i do have pampered pooches but this also has some benefits outside being a luxury. Its a great for their muscles and to help relax them but its a great way for me to see whats going on beneath the hair.

Some of the things i look for during the massages are lumps, cuts, discoloration, pretty much anything out of the ordinary. I try and give them a massage twice a day once in the morning and once before we go to bed but its normally just once a day.

What i like to do is have my littles lay on their bellies and ill massage their back, neck, legs, head and ears…after a while ill have them roll over to their backs and do the same thing with their tummies, armpits, legs, chin, face, paws and necks. I make sure there is no discomfort or abnormality (or bugs) and then they are free to go and get a treat but typically they stay asleep even after I’m done.

I know this may sound weird but its a great way for me to keep on top of my pups health without going to the vet everyday…Do you pamper your pooches with a massage? Let me known the comments below!


runDisney: Dopey Challenge..Round 2!?

Im feeling a bit Dopey…

If your new to my blog welcome! And if your new I’m pretty sure that you are also a bit confused by the first line…so let me just fill you in.

Walt Disney World Marathon weekend sign ups are tomorrow, meaning the 5 year anniversary of this challenge…now my cousins and i talked and we said that we would all sign up together for the challenges 5 year anniversary and like i said sign ups are tomorrow…so were all signing up.

My cousin Olivia and I did this challenge back when it was the inaugural Dopey Challenge in 2014 and so there are a lot of emotions going on for me, it’ll be my first time back to WDW in about 3 years, Dopey was my very first event EVER, the first time I’ve experienced runners toe and this will be the longest run since I’ve had a slipped disc. So excited, nervous and terrified can pretty much sum up what feel right now.

Although i know what to expect for this run i don’t know if its a positive thing or a not so positive thing…i haven’t put my finger on that quite yet.. all i know is I’m definitely going to finish it again…hopefully.

I know in the end it’ll be fun and a great accomplishment but the anxiety that leads up to it is overwhelming…I just know that if i get in tomorrow ill be running with my best friend, and i will be DEFINITELY train and work on strength and conditioning  as well as losing some weight to make the run easier on my back…wish me luck!


Are Fleas Immune?

Fleas terrify me, I don’t like to think of them…they are so disgusting little creatures which is why i use FrontlinePlus on the pups every month but because of some talk going around which has made me switch over to NexGuard and this is why.


The talk around the vets is that the Topical flea and tick preventatives are not working as well as they use to…its like the fleas are becoming immune to it so to say. This terrifies me because for about 6/7 generations of puppies in my family have use Frontline with no problem what so ever, but i guess the times are changing along with the fleas…


Now long story short of why I am making the change from Frontline to NexGuard because my little cousins dog has fleas…she comes over pretty much every day and brings her pup with her and because I am terrified that my pups will get fleas (which i found 2 on them already) i freaked out and bought flea sprays for in the house, bedding, clothes, outside the house, they make it i got it because i can’t stand fleas.

6fa55d84f1bc4a3ef31cb3ae8578a4d5.jpgNexGuard is a pill that my pups will take which will help kill fleas in an instant and trust me when i say i will have pups on it every month just like the frontline and my cousins pup will be getting the frontline that I’ve already bought in hopes that this talk is just talk…Every day since the pups first came home with me i give them a “massage” where i pet them and look over there skin for any abnormality and or marks and in this case fleas…thankfully something i am doing is working because i have not found anymore on them nor have i gotten bit, but until my cousins dog is taken care of I’m going to be a complete crazy person and search for those little boogers.


So immune or not immune? What flea preventative do you use on your pups and why? Let me know in the comments below!


runDisney: Virtual Running Shorts Take 2!

My all time FAVORITE runDisney event is back for another take with some paw-tific news!

If this is your first time hearing of the Virtual Running Series let me fill you in: The series includes three 5k’s to complete. Participants will receive a medal for each 5k completed plus a challenge medal if you complete all three 5k’s.

The best part is you can choose your course and who your run with, my personal favorite is a trail by my house and i love to bring my pups on the run! Its great bonding with them along with perfect exercise for the both of us.

Race sales begin April 11, 2017 so be sure to mark those calendars, this also is a great way to start in training for Disneyland, Walt Disney World or Disneyland Paris races plus with this training you get to start your medal collection or you add to them!

The charity for this run is Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando which will be celebrating 80 years of saving pets in central Florida. Now the proceeds of the race don’t go to the charity but if you can, you have the option to donate a little extra to the foundation.

Will you be participating in the shorts? Let me know in the comments below!



Puppy Etiquette: My Expectations


I am all about puppy etiquette when it comes to my pups, i expect them to be on their best behaviors and their main focus should be on me. No matter the situation, no matter who’s around, or whats going on i should be their main focus. Now please no judgement we all train our pups differently so be open even if you don’t agree or think its right everyone is entitled to their own training!

Work Setting:

When the pups go to work with me they know how they should act. They ignore everything else around them and stay in their beds or follow my lead. They know when i get up they stay right by my side and ignore whatever may be on the floor or whoever may be passing us. When i stop they sit and when i sit they go to their beds.


Store Setting(Dog Friendly):

A store can be a challenge, you have people trying to call your pups, give them treats, dogs coming up to them, just a lot of distractions while your trying to get what you need. So I’ve trained my pups to ignore the surroundings and focus on what i want them to do, so people can be calling them, trying to give them treats without asking permission first and i can trust that my pups won’t listen or take the treat without me releasing them to do so, which in the end can have so many benefits.


House Settings:

No matter who’s house we are at there will always be rules, boundaries and limitations. No jumping, barking, roaming around or getting in someones business. The pups know when we visit someones place, they need to sit on my lap, lay in their bed and stay calm while we are there.


Whether on a leash or off the leash the pups stay close by my side and just like a store with people calling them, other pups around barking or lunging at them they know I’m there main focus and ignore unless i say other wise.

Now it may seem mean or snobby, but in my eyes its a way to keep my pups safe because i don’t personally know you or your pups. I also don’t let my pups go up to anyone or their pups because i think its rude of them, because they were not invited to do so. I know in whatever situation that may occur i can trust that my pups will follow my lead.

So although what i might have said may seem like the pups and i don’t want to interact and make new friends, its actually quite the opposite..we love meeting new friends with paws or thumbs! We are just cautious but we really want to meet you and become paw pals!

Do you have certain expectations and etiquette for your pups? Why? Or Why not? let me know in the comments below I’m very intrigued. Again no judgment please. Thanks.


This Week In Disney: Disneyland(Paris), WDW, Disney Shanghai

There are way to many exciting announcements so today is going to be a this week in Disney so i can cover all the exciting moments happening in the world of Disney!



Starting off with the most anticipate news for me and a lot of others…CEO Bob Iger announced that Disneyland and Walt Disney World Star Wars Lands will be opening in 2019! Honestly, when he announced it i freaked! I cannot wait to step inside a new galaxy especially one where i can take control of the one and only Millennium Falcon!

Walt Disney World:

PANDORA! Pandora-The World of Avatar is said to open May 27 at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This land will transport guests into a world with floating mountains, bioluminescent plants and of course take us on a one and only journey on the Na’vi River.

Happily Ever After! Happily Ever After a Nighttime spectacular will debut at the Magic Kingdom May 12. This is a show all about adventures that our favorite Disney characters have taken to achieve their dreams. Some magical moments we can look forward to are Moana, Brave, Big Hero 6, Zootopia, Princess and the Frog, Aladdin and so many more!

Rivers of Light! Rivers of lights making its debut in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Feb 17. Its obviously an after dark entertainment combines live performances with floating set pieces, music, fountains and so much more magic! It’ll celebrate animals and nature with an uplifting lantern ceremony filled with symbolism throughout the story.


Disneyland Paris:

Its a very special year for Disneyland Paris because April 12, 2017 marks their 25th anniversary which means an anniversary party  will be taking over the park! New shows, outfits, foods, decor and of course new merchandise. La Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant is a feature of the new illuminations nighttime show. The celebration will also be in a galaxy far far away with the reopening of Star Tours: The Adventure Continues and to make things even more out of this world Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain will be bringing some magic to Space Mountain. Honestly that is what i am most looking forward to because Hyperspace Mt. is already just like DLP Space MT but now combining two amazing things together mind blown.


Shanghai Disney:

A big CONGRATS and celebration for Shanghai Disney for winning an award for Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure for outstanding visual effects in a special venue project. The ride is an all new innovative ride experience that developed specifically for Shanghai Disneyland.


This year is Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Disneyland is Celebrating its 50th anniversary. So happy anniversary POTC! I am so excited for all this change happening in the parks…its really exciting, so what are you most looking forward too? Let me know in the comments below!


Paws At Work!

I get a lot of questions and comments about bringing my pups to work with me. Now they don’t come with me everyday but every weekend when I work. Usually when I work I’m there all day long, so i make sure to pack them a bag.

Some of the things I like to pack for them are:

  • Food
  • Water bowl
  • Toy
  • Travel bag
  • Blanket
  • Pee Pad

Treats and Water Bowl: Definitely essentials for any day, personally i snack all throughout the day and well so do my pups.

Travel Bag and Blanket: Travel bag is a must for me, one they are very comfortable in it and its their ‘safe zone’. I place their bag (unzipped) on a chair next to me with their blanket and thats where they stay.

Pee Pad and Toy: A toy is not an essential at all but when we have time I like to get them moving so they can stretch their legs. Now the Pee Pad isn’t an essential either but sometimes when its raining they dont like to go outside so they’ll go to the bathroom with me.

The pups lay in their bed and chill. When i go to the bathroom they come with me, and if i stop they know to sit. They don’t go up to anyone unless i give them the ok. Ive been bringing the pups to work for for almost 5 years so they know how they should act when we are there. Do you expect your pups to act certain way in different place? Let me know in the comments below!


Peter Pan!


Peter Pan flew into our hearts Feb. 5 1953, 64 years years  ago. It was based on the 1904 play by Sir J.M. Barrie.

As young boys Walt and Roy Disney saw a touring version of the plain in 1913 in their hometown of Marceline, Missouri…where later Walt played the starring role of Peter Pan in a school play.

Peter Pan is one of the few films that included the work by all “Nine old men” the original Disney animator. Actor Hand Corned not only provided the voice of Captain Hook as well as Mr. darling, he also acted in reference footage that was filmed to guide the animators.

Happy Anniversary to the boy who doest grow up. I know the will be brining many happy thoughts to many more generations.


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