Belles Trip To The ER!


Tonight was the start of a series of unfortunate events…but lets start from the beginning.

Belle was laying on the bed while i went to go get a treat for her and when i came back she jumped and slipped right off the bed and hurt her little paw. Immediately, i took her to the ER with my mom to get her checked out.

Just like the people ER the puppy ER is just as slow. We were there from 9:30 until about 4 am to find out she broke her 3rd digit on her right paw. They put a cast on her gave her some anti-inflammatory and some pain medicine, one every 8 hours the other every 24. So as you can probably guess we had a very long night and well a rough day ahead of us.

My poor baby who was very out f it got to come to work with me so i can keep an eye on her. At 3pm she started puking way to much for a pup who hasn’t eaten since 5 pm the previous day. So my mom took her to the hospital to find out she is allergic to the anti inflammatory and to get fluids put in her because she was dehydrated. The next day was the same except they told us to stop her pain medication because she had water poop and still throwing up.

This was terrible because i felt so useless because i didn’t know how to help her. She has to be in the cast for 8 weeks, and its only been a couple of days… i hope it gets better!


ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

When i think of ESPN i think of sports…but when i think of ESPN Wide World of Complex i think of race weekend. ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex opened March 1997 making it 20 years old and being only 20 it has some AMAZING and incredible history!

The complex hosts more than 100 annual athletic events and have featured more than 70 different sports for amateur and professional athletes. Here are the Top _ moments in the complex history:

March 28 1997

The grand opening included spring training from Major League baseball game featuring the Atlantic Braves as they defeated the Cincinnati Reds 9-7. The complex sold out with more than 10,000 people.

July 5-12 1997

The first AAU boys basketball national championship.

February 13- March 25 1998

The Atlantic Braves relocated to the Sports complex from West Palm Beach for spring training.

July 29- August 21 2006

Tampa Bay Buccuneer’s training camp marks the NFL pre season training at the complex

July 6 2008

Was the grand opening of the J Center, a multi sport facility that houses cheer, dance, basketball and volleyball courts

March 6-8 2009

The Inaugural Princess half marathon weekend

Oct 1-3 2010

Over 14,000 runners ran through the complex…runDisney Kid Races, 5k and Half Marathon in the Inaugural Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend

Feb 11 2012

First Lady Michelle Obama spoke to children and parents about the importance of healthy living

June 19-27 2012

AAU set the Guinness world record for the largest volleyball tournament division

Jan 13, 2013

Walt Disney World Half Marathon celebrates 20 years of running

February 27 2014

John Grudens QB camp relocated to the complex

April 15-17 2016

The Inaugural Star Wars Half Marathon-Dark Side had more than 43,000 runners

May 5-12 2016

Invited Games held by Prince Henry had over 500 wounded, ill and injured military personal participate in 10 sporting events

January 25-28 2017

From Hawaii to the sports complex NFL Pro Bowl week of football events, activities and practices were held at the complex

What was your favorite memory at eh complex mine is definitely watching my little cousin roll across the finish line in her first ever Diaper Dash! It will always be my favorite memory at the ESPN World Wide of Sports Complex.


Disney Honors WWII Airmen!

March 24th Disneyland Resort honored Tuskegee Airmen from WWII the men and women who swerved were hosted by  SALUTE a Diversity Resource Group made up of cast members.

1941 was the first ever Africxn-American air squadron named Tuskegee, after the Tuskegee, Ala. where they trained. Honestly i love watching the flag retreat but this was so much more magical and to shake their hands and say thank you meant the world to me.


National puppy day!!!

What did you do to celebrate your puppy? Mine came to work with me..they also got spoiled and a bit chunky from all the treats that they had! 


A dream is a wish…


My dream has come true and released a sneak peak of the new music for the newest fire work show “Happily Ever After” which will debut in the Magic Kingdom.

The song is sung by Jordan Fisher and Angie Keilhauer, and of course its a complete Disney song that will make me cry during the entire performance of lights, lasers, projection and of course amazingly magical Disney fireworks.

Have you heard it yet? What are your thoughts? let me know in the comments below!


It’s a dog life…Night Routine

Since i did a morning routine with the pups i found it fitting that i did a night routine to go along with it. So let get started…

The nighttime routine started off at 5pm with our night walk. Once we are done with our walk, the pups and I can finally eat our dinner.

Typically after dinner the pups and i cuddle on the couch with a blanket while i do my homework this lasts about a couple of hours depending on the day.

After the homework/studying is done is when we start running all around the house acting like crazies, we play some tug-a-war and than go out to do move the car and we take a short walk around our apartment and we go to the grass and they chase each other for a while until they are pretty much pooped out.

When they are done playing outside we head back in and get ready for bed, i wash my face, brush my teeth and hair and get changed in my pjs. The pups get their faced washed and their hair brushed and its off to bed for us.

What are your nighttime routines with your furry friends? Let me know in the comments below!


Disney’s Egg-bStravaganza 2017!

Its that time of year again, the return of the magical and beloved Disney egg-straveganza to Disneyland, DCA and Downtown Disney.

The hunt will take place from April 1-16, making it the 5th year Disney hosted the the egg hunt. To participate all you have to do is pick up a map and stickers fro $5.99 (plus tax) at select merchandise location throughout the Disneyland Resort.

All you have to do is search for hidden eggs which will be themed to Disney and Pixar characters, once you have them place the corresponding sticker on the map to represent the location.

Whether you choose to hunt for egg hunt or not return your map to a redemption location for a Disney surprise. You can find the redemption location at the following shops: Elias & Company at DCA, Disney Showcase in Disneyland and World of Disney for the DTD District.

If your on th either coast in WDW the egg-straviganza is already taken place at Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival where it’ll take place through May 29, 2017. So will you be attending? Disneyland or Walt Disney World?


Perfect Paws:Alaskan Malamute!


The alaskan malamute was officially recognized by the AKC in 1935. They are the largest and oldest of the Arctic Sled dogs, they posses great strength and endurance. Although they are family dogs they are highly athletic and need a lot of exercise.

With a lot of exercise and love these dogs can be a great addition to a family. Not only are they great with children but they are also great with other pets. They are pretty intelligent so they are easy to train but i suggest if you r going to leave them home alone you should definitely give them a good workout to tire them out and burn off as much energy as possible.

Is this a breed for you?


Happy 50th Anniversary Pirates of the Caribbean!

March 18, 1967…50 years ago today Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland was born. The last ride Walt Disney personally looked overbore his death in December of 1966 and it was almost a walk through wax museum, but in 1964 since Its A Small World and Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln the wax museum was forgotten about, and instead making it a boat ride. Unfortunately Walt passed before it was completed.

There are over 120 audio animatronics on POTC ride, which is a mixture between human and animal.

The film characters added to the ride were all voiced by their original characters. Some of the rides original audio-animatronics are voiced by Paul Free who is also known as the Ghost Host in the Haunted Mansion.

Imagineers thought that fake skeletons were unconvincing so they bought real skeleton from UCLA medical center and used those instead, unfortunately all but one have been removed.

The original voice of the skull on the wall was X Atencids.


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