Its monday and my trip to Disneyland was over in a heartbeat…so sad. Now i won’t blabber on about the things you don’t want to hear so let’s get into the review!

There were 3 options to choose from…Chicken, Lasagna, and veggie lasagna. It comes with salad, bread and a cheesecake. Once you order your food you can get it to go, or you can ‘dine in’. For my moms birthday we chose to dine in, we picked the table right in front of the Cave of Wonders.

The Food was great i enjoyed it and so did my parents. It was a lotto food for me and i loved that it was in a to go box so if we didn’t finish it we can take it to go. We payed $75 instead of $85 for three meals becausewe are AP holders. Now we got our tickets to for our seating to see The Main Street Electrical Parade. In my understanding I thought we had reserved seating, but i was a bit off…Yes, we did have reserve seating by Its A Small World but there were no seats it was just a blocked off area that was getting packed by the minute.

Just like a FP our reserved seating passes had a return time, it was 8:15 but they suggested 8:00. My dad was tired and wanted to sit so we headed over about 7:30 and it was pretty full but we found an amazing spot and sat and waited and as the time got closer to the start of the parade the area was packed with people. The spot that we were lucky to get was still amazing.

The only let down for this whole experience is i was under the impression that we were getting seats, but i was wrong. The whole experience was still really amazing and magical but i don’t suggest it if right after the parade you want to get back to your hotel because its a big traffic jam and you can’t get out as fast as you would like. If you are ok with what i like to call the Disney shuffle it’ll be fine. I thought the whole experience was really nice, but again i thought i we were getting seats so that was a little disappointment but still amazing non the less.

Would you eat at Aladdin’s Oasis for the reserved seating to see the Electrical Parade? Let me know win the comments below!