It’s a dog life…Night Routine

Since i did a morning routine with the pups i found it fitting that i did a night routine to go along with it. So let get started…

The nighttime routine started off at 5pm with our night walk. Once we are done with our walk, the pups and I can finally eat our dinner.

Typically after dinner the pups and i cuddle on the couch with a blanket while i do my homework this lasts about a couple of hours depending on the day.

After the homework/studying is done is when we start running all around the house acting like crazies, we play some tug-a-war and than go out to do move the car and we take a short walk around our apartment and we go to the grass and they chase each other for a while until they are pretty much pooped out.

When they are done playing outside we head back in and get ready for bed, i wash my face, brush my teeth and hair and get changed in my pjs. The pups get their faced washed and their hair brushed and its off to bed for us.

What are your nighttime routines with your furry friends? Let me know in the comments below!


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