Belles Trip To The ER!


Tonight was the start of a series of unfortunate events…but lets start from the beginning.

Belle was laying on the bed while i went to go get a treat for her and when i came back she jumped and slipped right off the bed and hurt her little paw. Immediately, i took her to the ER with my mom to get her checked out.

Just like the people ER the puppy ER is just as slow. We were there from 9:30 until about 4 am to find out she broke her 3rd digit on her right paw. They put a cast on her gave her some anti-inflammatory and some pain medicine, one every 8 hours the other every 24. So as you can probably guess we had a very long night and well a rough day ahead of us.

My poor baby who was very out f it got to come to work with me so i can keep an eye on her. At 3pm she started puking way to much for a pup who hasn’t eaten since 5 pm the previous day. So my mom took her to the hospital to find out she is allergic to the anti inflammatory and to get fluids put in her because she was dehydrated. The next day was the same except they told us to stop her pain medication because she had water poop and still throwing up.

This was terrible because i felt so useless because i didn’t know how to help her. She has to be in the cast for 8 weeks, and its only been a couple of days… i hope it gets better!


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