The Yoga Challenge With Paws! 

I have seen so many people do the yoga challenge but there not enough Doga Challenges out there so i decided to add to the fun.

What is Doga?

Its yoga with paws that helps create a better bond between you and your pup. Not only does this help with bonding but it also helps with relaxation, stress while it improves you and your pups circulation and rang of motion.

These are the yoga poses that the pups and i started with to help us ease into this new life of yoga…Doga:

  1. Chaturanga

-Have your dog lay on their tummy and pet their back.

    2. Chair

-Have your pup sit on its hind legs while holding the dog down from behind. Raid the pups front paws in the air.

   3. Forward Bend

-Stand with both feet under your hips, roll and bend forward, hanging from waist with hands and head low. Scoop your pup up to add more weight to bend and increase the stretch.

  4. Heart to Hound Mudra

-Place one hand over your heart and the other hand over your pups heart, close your eyes and breathe slowly.

 5. Savasana

-Have your pups lay on their back and pet their exposed belly.

This was a lot of fun and very relaxing to do with my pups. I can’t wait to do it again them, i even think it might even be a daily routine for all of us. Have you tried Doga?


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