A Dogs Purpose!

Probably one of the most touching and relatable movies i have seen in a while…Especially if you have dogs. It opened my eyes and deepened my love and appreciation towards my dogs.


This movie made me laugh and cry so much…the storyline from a dogs point of view gave me a new perspective on life. It may sound very weird, but i mean honestly this was such a touching movie, it was cute and the best part was they had so many cute little puppies in the movie to melt your heart.


I give this movie and 10/10 because i loved it even though i completely balled my eyes out, it was worth it. I look at my pups like whole new little fur babies, and i am so lucky to have them in my life and the difference they have made. During the whole entire movie i just hugged and kissed my pup…and honestly they were just looking at me weirdly because of how much they were kissed.



A Dog’s Purpose started out as a book first which i do plan on reading because i think it’ll be just as good or even more amazing than the movie! Will you be checking it out?


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