Puppy Training With Belle!

I can now officially say that Belles limping has officially stopped, and i couldn’t be more excited and happy for her well mainly relieved. Unfortunately because she had the cast on for about 2 months she has lost her stamina and muscle in that leg. But thats ok because we are doing some puppy training to help build her stamina and muscle. SO, here is our PT with Belle!


We have been doing Hot Doga, Puppy massages and some puppy workouts. This is our schedule:

5:45am-5:55am: Puppy Massage

She gets a full body massage every morning but my main focus is massaging her right paw and making sure we rub out any pain or discomfort she might have.

12:30-12:35: Walking Intervals

Since she can’t walk a whole lot these days, i have been making sure to do intervals with her so she dissent over due it and possibly re-hurt her paw. So we started out with 30 seconds and a minute rest and made it to a minute walking and a minute rest and now she can walk for 4 minutes with a 2 minute break.

5pm-5:15pm: Hot Doga

This takes place in my room while the heater is on full blast and we do some doga poses just to help stretch out and keep that little pup relaxed because she is definitely frustrated with not going on long walks. Plus yoga/doga is good for everyone!


Have you had to deal with a puppy recovering from an injury? What type of exercises did you do? Let me know in the comments below!


Summer of Heroes: Review!

This has to be the GREATEST thing to have happened to DCA since the Mad Tea Party and Aladdin A musical spectacular!


New shows, new rides, new food, new march and of course new experiences! From Mission Breakout to the most dangerous nachos in the galaxy here is what i think about the Summer of Heroes!


First off you can meet Groot! So life doesn’t get much better than that, i mean life complete! But you can also meet Star Lord, Gamora, Black Widow, Captain America and Spiderman so its pretty cool. Plus Black Widow comes out with her car which was intimidatingly  AWESOME! I mean mind blowing awesome!


Some of my favorite themed foods definitely had to be the most dangerous tacos in the galaxy, the jalapeño and cheese Groot Bread, i am shaved ice and of course the Infinity-ade lavender lemonade with a sugar rim!


Now for the summer of heroes you can get your face painted for FREE! Yes for FREE! So be sure to check that out and dont forget to take a quiz to see what superhero you are! I got Responsibility, my mom got Captain America, and my dad got the Ultimate Avenger!


GOTG: Mission Breakout is MIND BLOWING! I won’t get into too much detail but my tip is get to the park early and get a FP straight away because its the most magical ride ever! Especially if you were a fan of ToT you will DEFINITELY want to ride it again and let me tell you the earlier the FP the earlier you’ll have to get another one and ride it again!

What are you looking forward to when you visit Summer of Heroes? Let me know in the comments below!



Thank you for your service! 

For all the Aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters and friends that are and were in the service…Thank you!


Thank you for risking your life to protect us, thank you for serving long hours and years to keep us safe, thank you for leaving your family and friends behind to watch over us. Thank you for your service. Please be safe and come home to your loved ones.


Disney Haul May 2017!

I think my bank account may have shed some tears with everything i bought this trip…but its ok this is what i work for other than my dogs…and school.. So lets get started!


Groot Cup


GOTG: Mission Breakout Ap Shirt


The Beauty and the Beast Rose Cup

Black Widow Shirt


Rose Cake Pop

Popcorn buckets: GOTG, Summer of Heroes AP and The Main Street Electrical Parade AP


Steam boat Willie Candy Apple


Spiderman Candy Apple

This was such a great trip because not only did i get to see GOTG/Summer Of Heroes but i complete my list of souvenirs that i didn’t get to complete the last time i went so i was very happy. Plus how adorable is the Steamboat Willie candy apple? I couldn’t pass it by! What are some of your favorite souvenirs that you have gotten from a Disney Park? Let me know in the comments below!



Happy Birthday Goofy! 

This lovable Goof has a birthday today so here are some fun facts to celebrate his special day!


  • Goofy was created May 25, 1932
  • He made his debut with Mickey’s Revue as Dippy Dawg
  • In 1930 he was extensively part of a comedy trio with Mickey and Donald
  • In 1939 he had very own series of shorts that became very popular in the 1940 and 1950’s
  • Two of Goofy;s shorts were nominated for an Oscar

-How to Play Football



Thank you Goofy for being who you are and bringing smiles and laughter to the world! What is your favorite thing about Goofy? Let me know in the comments below!


Summer of Heroes

The greatest news i have ever heard was i will be heading to Disneyland for the opening of Summer of Heroes and Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout!


I am excited to see and experience all the magic because lets be honest its Disney and they make EVERYTHING magical even if no one is fully on board. Im excited to see what foods they will have to offer my tummy and if there are new shows because who wouldn’t want a Super Hero show? Also i am so stoked to ride Mission Breakout! I can’t wait to see what changes they made on the inside!

What are you most excited for in Summer of Heroes? Let me know in the comments below!



It’s finally off!!

Today is the day Belle has finally got her cast off!! After two LONG months of a cast and no baths..her cast is off and she went straight into the bath!


She is still limping a bit but That’s to be expected. She is doing great and I’m so excited that she doesn’t have a cast off. Although she still can’t go for long walks and runs we get to build up her muscle again just slowly and she was so ready to have it off and she can now sleep comfortably and her brother doesn’t get knocked with that big cast anymore.


Thank you to everyone who kept Belle in their prayers we both really appreciate it.


Newsies on Broadway!

My dreams have finally come true!!! I FINALLY get to see Newsies on broadway…sort of.


Lets start from the beginning, I bought my mom and i tickets when it came to San Francisco…unfortunately we both got very caught up with work and completely missed the show…it killed me. Than, we purchased tickets to see it when it came to theaters and to no surprise we missed that too.


It honestly killed me, and still till this day i am very upset that we missed Newsies on broadway…the only thing i didn’t miss was purchasing the Broadway version of newsies on iTunes and well its has not left my TV and i completely beat myself up for not seeing it  when i had the chance.


The production is absolutely AMAZING! I loved it and fell in love with the songs even more than when i first heard the album. Although it is slightly different than the movie, i honestly can’t compare the two because they are both so unique and magical in their own ways i personally can’t compare the two.

What are your thoughts on Newsies on Broadway? Let me know in the comments below.



Rumor has it…

Since the homecoming of The Main Street Electrical Parade, there has been a rumor floating around and that has been that Paint! The Night will be leaving to Walt Disney World which would mean that Disneyland will be without a nighttime parade.


The newest rumor to surface is that Paint The Night has already been packed up and ready to ship…but to where? I guess we will soon find out if the rumors are true, but my guess would be WDW because they are left without a nighttime parade and they would have the room.


Now they just launched they new firework show “Happily Ever After” which made its debut May 12 at the Magic Kingdom where i would assume PTN would make its way down their Main Street. I do think two brand new shows would seem like a lot of work for the MK BUT it is Disney and just like Walt said “Its kind of fun to do the impossible.”

So where it will go? nobody knows…where do you think PTN is going? or where would you like to see it go? Let me know in the comments below.


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