April favorites 2017!

From Disney to dogs here are a few of my favorite things:




Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Small Breed Dog Food in Small Breed Whitefish(Adult)

-Since i found out Belle was allergic to Chicken, Garlic and a couple of other things, I came across this amazing brand that firs all of my little girls needs.


PetCube Play

-This is my obsession. When i am at work and my pups are at home i get to spy on them with my phone. With the PetCube that i have set up in my room i can watch over them, talk to them and even play with them with a laser. I get notified when there is movement or noise and can pulp the camera immediately.


Milk Bone Original Dog Treats(Minis)

-Like i said with the wellness Milk Bone original is free of everything chicken and garlic which is great because my littles love their treats!


Pet Shoppe Bath Wipes

-These have been a LIFESAVER since my little girl has a broken paw i am not able to give her a bath and she was getting pretty smelly and i wipe her down with these wipes every other day and she smells almost as good as when she gets a bath and her coat looks a lot whiter.





-Firefly Chips

-Safari Skewer

-Bengel Beef Skewer

-Mozzarella Sticks



-The Main Street Electrical Parade




-Lilo & Stitch




-Emoji Plush

-Baby Groot

-AP Electrical Parade Shirt (Mens)

-Kids Elliot Electrical Parade Shirt

This is what I’ve been obsessing over and can’t stop talking about, wearing, watching and eating in and out of the parks! What are your favorite things? Let me know in the comments below!


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