My dreams have finally come true!!! I FINALLY get to see Newsies on broadway…sort of.


Lets start from the beginning, I bought my mom and i tickets when it came to San Francisco…unfortunately we both got very caught up with work and completely missed the show…it killed me. Than, we purchased tickets to see it when it came to theaters and to no surprise we missed that too.


It honestly killed me, and still till this day i am very upset that we missed Newsies on broadway…the only thing i didn’t miss was purchasing the Broadway version of newsies on iTunes and well its has not left my TV and i completely beat myself up for not seeing it  when i had the chance.


The production is absolutely AMAZING! I loved it and fell in love with the songs even more than when i first heard the album. Although it is slightly different than the movie, i honestly can’t compare the two because they are both so unique and magical in their own ways i personally can’t compare the two.

What are your thoughts on Newsies on Broadway? Let me know in the comments below.