Splitsville Luxury Lanes!

Downtown Disney Districts at the Disneyland Resort has been going through the construction for the upcoming family friendly restaurant with dining, bowling and live entertainment.


Splitville is located where the House Of Blues once stood and has now turned into a 40,000 square foot, 2 story facility with floor to ceiling windows, outdoor seating and a patio that will overlook the beautiful and magical Downtown Disney District.



It will include 20 bowling lanes, 4 dining areas, 2 billiards table, more than 25 flat screen TV’s and both live performers and DJ’s. You can find yummy food like you classic pizza, burgers and specialties like grilled avocado with ahi tuna an filet sliders.


You can check out Splitsville over in Disney Springs at Walt Disney World, Florida if you can’t wait until the opening in winter. Are you excited for Splitsville? Let me know in the comments below!



We Wants The Redhead!

What is this madness?? Changes are coming to the Pirates of the Caribbean, starting with Disneyland Paris, Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Pirates of the Caribbean-M


When the attraction re-opens July 24 at Disneyland Paris you will se some changes. Imagineers added new audio-animatronics, costumes, lightings and sound. You will be able to spot some characters from the film.  In a new scene which guests can only experience at Disneyland Paris you can see Captain Barbosa make his debut.


Now at WDW and Disneyland’sPirates of the Caribbean there will be a pretty big change with the Red Head…Beginning 2018 after the scheduled refurb the Redhead is trading her bonnet for a pirates hat. As she joins the pirates she helps the locals unload their valuables at the mercado auction, meaning no more “we wants the red head” or selling of the ladies.


My heart breaks a little because its a major part of the ride that they are changing, so I’m not fully excited about that major change coming to Pirates…what are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!


Sherman Brothers!

Everyone LOVES the Sherman brothers…they have some of the most iconic Disney songs…but most people don’t know they wrote these ones as well:


  1. Fortuosity (The Happiest Millionaire)
  2. The Best Time of Your Life ( Carousel of Progress)
  3. The Spectrum Song (An Adventure in color from Disney’s Wonderful World of Color)
  4. Enjoy It (In Search of the Castaways)
  5. Higitus Figitus (The Sword and the Stone)
  6. Magic journeys (Journey into imagination)
  7. For Now, For Always (The Parent Trap)
  8. Ten Feet off the Ground (The one and only genuine, the original family band)
  9. My Own Home ( The Jungle Book)
  10. A Step In The Right Direction (Bedknobs and Broomsticks)

What is your favorite song from the Sherman Brothers? Let me know in the comments below!



Spirit of Aloha! 

Starting September 4 the the Spirit of Aloha will come to life in the Downtown Disney summer celebration 2017. There will be more than a dozen special menu items available in the Downtown Disney restaurants.


There will be weekly performers by the Polynesian performers of Tupua, they will debut July 1 and they will be presenting its exhibition of music and dace at the DDD Live! stage. Will you be hanging out in Downtown Disney? Let me know in the comments below!




Puppy Pack 2017! 

No matter where the pups and i go, i always have my puppy pack! This is a backpack where i keep all the pups essentials, which include:


  • Water
  • Water Bowl
  • Treats
  • Blankets
  • Wet Wipes
  • Poop Bags
  • Tags

This weekends the pups and i visited the Stanford Mall in Palo Alto, its a dog friendly outdoors mall and its my favorite for many reasons but to name a few it has perfect weather, dog friendly and so many places to walk.

Water, Water Bowl, Treats and Poop Bags are a necessity for obvious reasons..Staying hydrated, positive reinforcement so when they do something good i give them a treat. Poop bags because when nature calls im prepared to pick it up.

All the restaurants are dog friendly which makes finding a place to eat so much easier, so when we find a spot to eat i place the blanket down and the pups now to lay down and hang out on the blanket until I’m done eating. Their tags stay in the bag because they are to heavy for the pups to carry.

Do you have a puppy pack when you go out? Let me know what you carry in yours when you and your pups go out.



Rumor Has It! June 2017

So many exciting rumors and possible changes coming to Disneyland and Walt Disney World!


Magic Kingdom:

The excitingD23 announced some possible additions to the MK…There will be some type of new attraction may be smashing its way to the park. I honestly believe its going to be the Wreck It Ralph ride that i talked about a while ago, if so it was said to be taking over Stitch’s Great Escape.



So many changes and updates are coming to Epcot!

  • Ratatouille has a possible debut in the France Pavilion in the year 2020. If you have ever visited Disneyland Paris than you are familiar with the ride, the ride is hard to explain personally without giving it away but its definitely a ride to check out.
  • Future World rumors are pretty exciting. Its been rumored that a Guardians Of The Galaxy attraction will take over Universe of Energy. Honestly, i love GOTG especially Mission Breakout over at Disney California Adventure in Anaheim so i personally can’t wait to see what Disney has in store Universe of Energy.
  • United kingdom Pavilion may be getting a Mary Poppins attraction…there hasn’t been too much said about this BUT i guess we will soon find out.
  • The Great Movie Ride has been rumored to close by the end of this year to make room for a brand new trackless Mickey mouse ride which has been said to open in 2019.




Animal Kingdom:

It looks like the rumors for Animal Kingdom may have a new area coming its way…a Zootopia themed area may take over the conservation station. I am really excited to see how Disney is going to bring Zootopia to life.



  • If you have been following my blog, you know that Disney has brought the Main Street Electrical Parade back home, leaving Paint! The Night in no mans land…but new rumors have surfaced saying that PTN will make its return back to Disney California Adventure. Which even though i love PTN i would much rather see it return to Disneyland.
  • Of course I’ve talked about the Marvel Land rumors but new rumors about marvel themed attractions have surfaced saying a Captain America Coaster may be in our futures. I am so excited for this one and see what type of coaster.

With all these rumors what one you are most looking forward too and why? Let me know in the comments below!




Fast Pass to Maxpass! 

Disneyland guests can no longer get a Fast Pass from the FP machines, now guests must scan their park tickets using the sam FP machines and then scan their park ticket (opposed to the paper FP) when they arrive at the attraction to enter the FP line.


Because their is still a bit of confusion while changing over to the new system, the FP machines will pint out a “reminder” slip even though they look similar, they are not the actual FP.


This is definitely preparing guests to the upcoming MaxPass system which will debut later this year, which has been said to allow guests who pay a fee to book and manage their FP or MaxPass reservations with the official Disney app.


It is similar to the WDW FP+ reservation its different because they are taking some of the more successful elements of the FP+ and incorporating them to the Disneyland MP. My only concern is for the cost…i honestly hope and pray Disney will remain with the free FP system and not charge like other theme parks…other than that i think the new system sounds pretty awesome because i have definitely misplaced a FP or two. What are your thoughts on the upcoming MP system? Let me know in the comments below!


Aladdin on Broadway!!

Is it too soon to start the countdown to November 24?


One of my life goals other than attending every single Disney park, is to attend all the Disney shows on Broadway. I would have had two under my belt starting on my third…but work and school got the best of me..So along with seeing The Lion King, i am proud to say that i have tickets to go see Aladdin not a musical spectacular BUT on BROADWAY!


This is going to be so magical because a musical spectacular was breathtaking and super funny, but this is going to be on broadway which mean its going to blow my mind! So i definitely splurged just a little bit to get the VIP treatment which is seats close to the stage and a tote bag so i can fill it up with a ton of Aladdin goodies!

What Disney Broadway shows have you seen or would like to see? Let me know in the comments below!


Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away

This week in Disney’s Hollywood Studios Park, Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away makes its return where it will be presented several times daily at the parks Center Stage Area.


The show has appearances by everyones favorite star wars characters from Darth Vader to Chewbacca which brings to life iconic moments from the Star Wars Saga, but the show has recruited Rey who will appear alongside the lovable BB-8.


For A Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular has recently been updated with moments from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Personally, i think both of these updates are amazing! How are you feeling about these changes? Are you for them or against them? Let me know why in the comments below!


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